Friday, 4 March 2016

Sugar Destroys Collagen of Skin

Do you have a sweet tooth? Before you plan to grab another sweet, please know that excess sugar in your body can accelerate glycation process. This fastens skin aging. Of course, using scientifically advanced products like Luminique help to keep aging signs on skin at bay, even the best formulas need to work harder with your unhealthy habits.

It is wise to control your sweet cravings, if you desire younger looking skin that deceives people about your true age, advice dermatologists.

Sugar is not sweet for your skin
According to dermatology studies, sugar attacks elastin and collagen. These are two essential skin proteins that keep skin plump, healthy, supple, and young. As a consequence, your skin becomes more vulnerable to sagging and wrinkling faster.

Nutritionists advice women, who are on anti aging treatments, to eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. They contain antioxidants that delay aging. You must also consume good fats like Omega 3 fatty acids, found in nuts and seeds. Almonds are excellent for skin suppleness.

As you call Luminique customer service for the product’s contents, you will learn that it helps to replenish the skin’s natural moisturizer, Hyaluronic Acid (HA). Consumption of 2-3 liters of water daily and a diet featuring good fats also help in maintaining HA levels, say a study. According to experts, regular use of Luminique’s formula, plus a good diet sans sugar, is the secret to glowing, healthy skin above 35.

Honey is a good alternative for those shiny crystals of sugar. Honey is said to contain healing properties and antioxidants. Replacing sugar with honey is one of the best things you can do for your skin. Similarly, you must replace your regular moisturizer with a nice, advanced age defying cream that contains in-built moisturizer and sunscreen. Luminique review is an intelligent choice, say skin experts.

Monday, 28 December 2015

Use Luminique Products and Look Blemish Free Even With Advancing Years

Fine lines, age spots, and wrinkles have a tendency to appear when you least expect them to. You are doing well in your professional and personal life and think that everything is sorted when suddenly you may discover a few fine lines in the forehead area. This is an indication that age is catching up; you would have to act quickly and with conviction to keep looking young and attractive over time. This is where brand Luminique assumes importance. You can start using the anti aging skincare products from this company to erase the appearance of the myriad signs of skin aging and take years off your appearance in a non-invasive, affordable, and effective manner.

Many of you may be aware of this anti aging skincare brand. Luminique is a new generation skincare company and the only one in the world to use an age-defying blend of enzymes and marine botanicals in its products that work together to reduce the appearance of existing and new sun damage over time.

The products from Luminique include an anti aging moisturizer perfect for day and night, a creamy cleanser perfect for all skin types, a non-drying toner to minimize the appearance of pores for younger looking skin, and a 90 second wrinkle reducer that temporarily reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and under-eye bags.

You can try any of these products as part of a risk free trial with 30 days satisfaction guarantee. In case you are not completely satisfied with the efficacy of the products ordered during the trial period, you can call customer service within 30 days of receiving your shipment and return the products within two weeks for a full refund of the product purchase price less shipping and processing fees.

This offer is an indication that the brand is reliable and not some scam initiative that tries to dupe you of your hard earned money.  So, if you have given up on fine lines and wrinkles, you can now start using Luminique anti aging skincare products and give your aging complexion a new lease of life.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Call Luminique Customer Service For Product Related Queries And More

Luminique is a new generation skincare brand that has been developed by Dr. Michael Fiorillo M.D. and a team of dedicated skin care researchers. Dr. Fiorillo is highly experienced in plastic and reconstructive surgery and one of the most sought after plastic surgeons today. The brand is the only skincare line in the world to use an age defying blend of enzymes and marine botanicals in its products that leave the skin of users looking years younger. To know more about the products available or to get acquainted with the science behind how these work, you can visit the official website and get connected with Luminique customer service.

The company offers a customer service desk that is open to calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The toll free phone numbers are available at the Contact Us page of the official Luminique website.

Alternatively, you can fill in a simple form available at this page specifying your name and email id for the company representatives to revert with answers.

This kind of support places the company way ahead of other initiatives in the domain of anti aging skincare, where the objective may be to scam users by motivating them to make a one-time purchase of substandard products and then leaving them to fend for themselves.

You can also drop in a mail at to schedule a call back or to get answers to any questions related to your order.

The Luminique customer service professionals can help you in another key area as well. You can call these company representatives to know more about the 30 days 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. This guarantee is available on all the products from the brand; according to its terms and conditions, you can return the products ordered if you are not completely happy with their efficacy and avoid paying anything other than shipping and processing charges.